With our cyber security tips, you can protect yourself from attacks on the Internet

Hidden dangers on the web

More and more processes are being relocated to the Internet: in both business and private life.

Securing digital communication is therefore becoming increasingly central and important. Numerous studies confirm that increasing digitization also increases the risk of data theft for private users and companies.

Hidden threats range from phishing attacks to malicious software. By introducing the right cyber security measures, you can best protect your data and finances from attacks.

How to improve your cyber security:

With the following tips and simple implementation steps, you can protect yourself from a variety of dangers on the Internet:

Use secure passwords

One of the most important measures to protect against cyber attacks is the use of strong passwords. But what makes a secure password? A strong password consists of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters and should not be easy to guess. An additional tip: use different passwords for each online account to ensure that one hacked account does not automatically give access to all other accounts.

Use antivirus programs and firewalls

Use antivirus software and firewalls. These programs help catch malicious software and unwanted connections before they can do any harm. Don’t forget to update the programs regularly to ensure that new threats can be detected and countered in good time.

Make regular updates

Another way to protect yourself from cyber attacks is to regularly update software and operating systems. Make sure that these are always up to date. Vulnerabilities in older versions can be exploited by attackers to gain access to your personal information.

Protect your personal information

Be careful with the information you share online, especially when it comes to your personal information such as account information or passwords. Also, be careful on social media and use personal information sparingly.


Cyber security is not only important for companies or IT specialists, but also for every private Internet user. It is therefore essential to protect yourself properly against the increasing number of cyber attacks and to ensure that your data and finances remain safe. We are convinced that it is possible to protect yourself as a user against possible cyber attacks on the web. With the awareness of cyber security and the use of the right tools and the implementation of various measures (see our tips) we can protect ourselves from the worst threats.

If you have any questions about your Internet security or would like to do a security check with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. The experts from CryptIT are at your disposal and will advise you.